Advanced Dynamo Industries Patented Heat / Exhaust Riser Pipe System

Advanced Dynamo Industries, Inc. (ADyI) strongly recommends the installation of our patented Heat/Exhaust Riser Pipe System to prevent two major issues often associated with generator operations in a stationary vehicle.

  • Exposure to carbon monoxide and exhaust fumes.

  • High operational heat from the generator compartment.

ADyI’s Heat/Exhaust Riser Pipe System eliminates these occurrences at the source.  This system re-routes the exhaust and high heat from under the vehicle to above the roof line where the gases and heat will rise and quickly dissipate.

Without such a riser pipe system, a generator’s exhaust pipe exits out and under the vehicle.
These exhaust fumes (with their natural tendency to rise) can build up under the vehicle body and then enter the vehicle’s interior through windows and constantly opening doors. 
All mobile service vehicles should have a properly maintained and operating Carbon Monoxide Alarm in service, but these detector/alarms only activate when this gas is in close proximity to the monitor. Remember, carbon monoxide is a very dangerous colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas.
ADyI’s Heat/Exhaust Riser Pipe System is also specifically designed to capture and remove the high operational heat from the generator’s exhaust system components.  (Note: A Catalytic Converter is 600⁰ F +) 
This heat removal action substantially lowers the ambient operating temperature around the generator.  In high heat climates this can be a very critical factor to insure a long service life and the optimum function of the generator.



The cost of this system is a small investment compared to these powerful benefits.  We urge you to incorporate the Advanced Dynamo patented Heat/Exhaust Riser Pipe System into the design of your mobile service vehicle.