Advanced Dynamo Industries 416 Series Mobile Gasoline Generators

416 Series Mobile Generator

Compact • Powerful • Easy To Maintain • 10,000+ Hours of Life

Patent No: US 7,193,333 B1 • Patents Pending • Registered ® Copyright


  • Quiet operation: less than 63 decibels in a typical insulated compartment.
  • High output: 12.5 to 17 kW (50‐70 amps)
  • Delivers a full load for 10,000+ hours, equivalent to 600,000 miles.
  • Easy maintenance, 400 Hours between oil changes, single‐side service, and built-in computer diagnostics.
  • Service parts available at your local auto parts store.
  • Electronic fuel injection, frequency stability, reliability, and motor starting load surge recovery.
  • Brushless 1500 or 1800 rpm 4‐pole alternator.
  • Four (4) bolt mounting fits into a standard Winnebago Class “A” generator compartment.
  • Low vibration and sound with multiple isolated motor mounts and extensive use of sound attenuation materials.
  • Local and remote control start capabilities.
  • Engine diagnostics digital display for quick, accurate visual diagnosis of engine status.
  • Recommended for use with the Advanced Dynamo patented Heat/Exhaust Riser Pipe System.