Advanced Dynamo Industries Generator Options and Accessories

All models of the Advanced Dynamo Generator can be customized to meet the needs of your particular operating environment. The following options must be specified at the time of the generator order as they are truly built into the generator and not just added on.

  • Dual Cool Oil Cooler 
    • This larger capacity auxiliary oil cooler is positioned to utilize the generator’s twin automatic high powered radiator cooling fans. It also assists in cooling the generator engines oil. This option is recommended for extreme high ambient temperature operating conditions (up to 130o F / 54.4 o C).
  •  High Temperature Fuel Cooling Kit (for ambient temperatures above 100 degrees F)
    • The high temperature fuel cooling kit is a custom made thermo transducer that helps prevent gasoline vapor lock (up to 130o F / 54.4 o C).
  • Engine Block Heater (for temperatures below 20 degrees F)
    • The 120VAC plug in freeze plug style engine block heater protects the generator engine from freezing down to 20 o F / -6.7 o C). It also allows for easier cold weather starting.
  • Remote Lighted Rocker Switch for Dash 
    • The auxiliary generator starting switch allows the generator to be started from the drivers area cab seat or interior electrical panel. All Advanced Dynamo generators have a standard start switch located on the generators power box. This remote starting option allows the operator to start the generator without having to go outside during unpleasant or severe outdoor weather conditions.
  • Remote Switch with Hour Meter & Tachometer (for installation on the Electrical Panel Wall)
    • Allows you to check your generator hours and speed without opening the generator compartment.
  • Generator Battery Kit
    • Provides the generator with it’s own battery that is separate from the engine or coach battery. Installation includes a battery box, cables and a jumper switch to the vehicles engine battery.

Please feel free to contact us with any installation questions or specific vehicle application concerns you may have.